Earta's Founder - Janet's Story

I am a self taught perfumer. From a young age I was brought up abroad in Asia, North Africa and Oceania. I was fascinated by the richness of my surroundings. Everything from the architecture of the buildings; the art and craftsmanship; the silks and carpets; the array of spices and vegetables in the souqs, bazaars and marketplaces and of course the perfume and beauty of the flowers fascinated me. There were flowers of sheer beauty and abundance that would bloom for just one day each year, dying by nightfall. Each year in the desert, wadis would explode into a carpet of colour and scent. In the city, avenues were lined with date palm and pink hazed oleander trees. In New Guinea, the thick waxy petals of the orchids would enchant me with their exotic beauty.

In North Africa I lived on a farm bordering the edge of the Sahara and every year I would watch the women collect and prepare botanicals for the age old methods as described by the ancients, Alkindus and Avicenna, to extract the precious oils and hydrolats or flower waters.They then used these for perfumes, skincare preparations and in their wonderful cooking. Each year we would receive gifts of these perfumes and hydrolats.

As an aromatherapist I ran my own company for many years developing my own range of skincare and furthering my knowledge with training and research into perfumery to set up Earta.

To me making a perfume is like alchemy, a way of transmuting the richness of all my experiences, the oils and materials into liquid gold. It is my salutation to the wonder of our world.