'If you're lucky enough to know Janet Bennett, you know you are touched by something like grace, Janet creates an exotic scent but at the same time the scent is mellow, gentle and warming, it lasts all day and is a constant pleasure for your senses. The joy of such a gift is also in the holding with original, tactile, joyful colours and textures used in bottling and packaging, you want to envelope the whole and savour the moment. To wear the perfume is to feel cossetted and glamorous but also understated and really quite grown up.'

Mrs Lesley Robson
Finding Futures Cumbria

'Very high quality and has a deep and sophisticated fragrance.'

Mr Neil Tweedley
Morland Hall, Cumbria

I love my bespoke perfume! It was such a wonderful feeling to have a fragrance hand made from my favourite essences. Very unique and original.

Ms Gail Balshall

'Each time I put on my perfume it creates a thousand images of memories and the land in which in I was born. Janet took my dreams and spun them into liquid gold. Thank you.

Ms Leilia Sadiq, London


How to make the most of your bespoke perfume

Perfume is affected by heat and humidity. It should be kept out of sunlight and the stopper or top should always be sealed properly.

How to apply
You want the scent of your perfume to be the only one that you are wearing.Therefore unless you are layering a perfume with other products in the same fragrance, it is actually best to keep all other scented moisturisers,soaps, deodorant and talc to a minimum. Try to use fragrance free products.

The optimum point to apply a perfume is directly following a shower or bath. Put some onto your pulse points after drying and before dressing. Moist skin absorbs the scent of the perfume better and it also avoids any chance of it getting onto clothes or jewellery.

However, you may just want a quick refresh, so apply some unfragranced lotion onto your skin at your pulse points and then apply the perfume. Hydrated skin allows the perfume to last longer.

The pulse points are points on your body that emit the most heat allowing the body to diffuse the scent of the perfume to give your body a perfumed aura. Some pulse points are: the inner wrist, the inner arms, the neck and neck hollow, the sternum, the backs of your ears and the inside of your knees and even between your toes!

Don't over do it. Just apply to a couple of these points.

If you apply to your wrists , then do not rub them together as the friction changes the interaction between the skin's oils and the perfume and this can alter the scent of the perfume.

Applying an extrait
An extrait is the la creme de la creme of perfumes and requires a slightly different application from the other strengths of perfume. An extrait creates more intimate personal aura and should be applied with the dabber onto the pulse points. All other perfume types may be spritzed onto the pulse points.