EARTA 'The Golden One' (Albanian)

The Story so far:

Earta is a bespoke artisan perfumery company passionate about fragrance.  As a company, Earta was inspired by Janet's experiences abroad. Now Earta with its concept of beauty and purity continues to take inspiration from its beautiful surroundings in the Eden Valley in the heart of Cumbria. Earta uses hand collected and wild crafted herbs and flowers of the area, along with the finest and ethically sourced precious oils, absolutes, hydrolats, infusions and tinctures from around the world. 


Perfume Stories

A selection:

These describe the concept and key notes of the perfume. A perfume consists of many notes or accords blended together and matured.

One Night inspired by one evening in the beautiful gardens of the Alhambra years ago. The sound of water playing from the courtyard fountains, the gilded exquisite arches, the symmetry, a blood red sunset and the waft of honeyed jasmine on the air. Layered with a twist of sun ripened bergamot, grapefruit and cardamom; honeyed jasmine, infused saffron, nigella damascena, osmanthus, and a touch of sandalwood.

Thalia named after one of the Three Graces, daughters of Zeus renowned for her wisdom, beauty and love of flowers. Based around a heart of labdanum, used in ancient times for incense and by the Pharaohs for scenting their beards. Layered with florals of rose and jasmine and orange blossom. With a touch of patchouli, benzoin and tolu balsam.

Leptis designed around the image of the soaring architecture of this great ancient city, the citrus groves of the area, and the sea spray. A watery, ozonic and slight citrus edge to this man's perfume. Layered also with touches of geranium, mint leaf and linden blossom.

La plus belle fleur designed around the orchid and using heady sensual ylang ylang, champaca and vanilla, designed around the orchid and using heady sensual ylang ylang, champaca and vanilla. Layered within a rich base including cacao absolute, tonka bean and coffee.